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Rates & Billing Information

The City Council establishes water, sewer, storm water, and sewer bond debt charges through corresponding ordinances. These can be viewed in our Codified Ordinances under Part Nine, Title Three.

All rules and regulations for the City’s public utilities are equally governed through laws passed by City Council.  Employees of the municipal offices are charged with the task of adhering to these laws.

Water Rates

Water is billed at a rate determined by City Council and is billed in thousands of gallons. The minimum charge for water is based upon 5,000 gals. consumption as set forth in the table below:


Sanitary Sewer Rates

Sewer is billed according to water consumption in thousands of gallons and has its own ordinance. The minimum charge for sanitary sewer is based upon 5,000 gals. consumption as set forth in the table below: 

Sewer Rate Table (min)
Auxiliary Meter

In some homes, a separate water line has been installed that is only connected to lawn sprinkling systems and/or outside spigots.  A second meter is set on this line to determine the amount of water that will not incur a sewer charge.  This option is available to all consumers. 

Storm Water Rates

Storm water is billed at a rate of $8/month per single-family residence and all other commercial, industrial and multiple family dwellings are measured as to their impervious surface area.  This area is billed at a rate of $.00472/square foot.