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Mayors Court

Canfield Mayors Court is held the first and third Monday of every month.  Arraignments are held on the first and third Monday of every month, beginning at 6:00pm until Court’s sessions are complete.  Pre-trials and Trials are held only on the third Monday, beginning at 5:00pm until Court’s sessions are complete. 

When the Monday falls on a holiday, court will be held on the following Tuesday.  Also in the case of an emergency or staffing issues, the Court reserves the right to adjust court to a different night. 

Mayor’s Court is conducted in Council Chambers of the City of Canfield Municipal building located at 104 Lisbon Street (State Route 62) in Canfield.

Paying Citations & Posting Bonds

If your ticket does not require a court appearance and you choose not to appear in court, you must pay your ticket by the court date listed on the bottom right hand corner of the ticket.  Payments must be paid in full. Partial payments are only accepted if you appear in court and a payment plan is approved by the presiding judge.

Accepted payment methods:

  • Cash,
  •  Money order,
  • Personal check,
  • Credit Card Online (Convenience fee applies)
  • Credit Card at the Clerk’s Office (Convenience fee of 3% or $2.95 minimum)

Mailing your payment

  1. Include your ticket, signed on the reverse side.
  2. Make your check or money order payable to Canfield Mayor’s Court for the total amount due.
  3. Include a copy of your proof of insurance if it was not shown to the police officer.
  4. Mail to:

Canfield Mayor’s Court
104 Lisbon St.
Canfield, OH 44406

Online Payments

Online payments can be made by clicking on the following link:

It is recommended to search by first and last name and then click on Case #.  If the case is waiverable or has an established payment plan the amount required will be displayed.  Then simply follow the prompts.

Payments may be paid at the Canfield Police Department, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Failure to pay and/or appear in court may result in a warrant issued for your arrest or suspension of your driver’s license.

Bond Schedule

Mayors Court

Court Process

Citations Not Requiring Court Appearance

Most minor misdemeanor and fourth degree misdemeanor traffic charges have the option of paying a fine instead of going to court. Examples of these offenses are first offense speed, assured clear distance, expired license plates, not wearing seat belts. To find out the amount of fines and costs, please call the Mayor’s Court. These are to be paid on or prior to the arraignment hearing by admitting guilt and paying the total amount of fines and costs listed. 

Citations Requiring Court Appearance

The remaining minor \misdemeanor and fourth degree misdemeanor charges, plus all third, second, and first degree misdemeanor charges require a court appearance. Examples of these include driving under suspension and drug offenses. 

Transfer of Case to County Court

A defendant may request a transfer of the case to Mahoning County Court #5 during arraignment for any of the following reasons: (1) conflict of interest with the presiding judge, (2) the violation is subject to jail time, or (3) the defendant is entitled to a jury trial. If the case does not comply with any of these reasons, the case will remain in Mayor’s Court. 

Arraignment Hearing

This serves as the first opportunity for the defendant to see someone about their case. At this time, the defendant will be allowed to enter a plea to the charges. All defendants are advised of their rights to have an attorney represent them, or they may choose to represent themselves. The right to representation by an attorney may be used at any time during the process and at any hearings. 


If a defendant pleads not guilty at the arraignment, a later date will be set for a pre-trial. A not-guilty plea and waiver of a speedy trial form is required with the defendant’s signature and the signature of the clerk of court. You will be given a continuance notice with the new court date and time. On pre-trial night, the Prosecuting attorney will discuss your case with you and you will be able to present witnesses and/or evidence to prove the case. All defendants have the right to be represented by an attorney at this and any subsequent hearings. 


If a case is not concluded after the pre-trial a trial date will be set. At this time the defendant will again present their witnesses and/or evidence for the case and the arresting officer is called to present his case, including (but not limited to) evidence such a mobile video recordings, radar readings, etc. to the prosecuting attorney and presiding judge. The defendant has the right to be represented by an attorney at this time. 

Guilty Plea

The plea of guilty is a complete admission of the defendant’s guilt. 

No Contest Plea

The plea of No Contest is not an admission of guilt, but is an admission of the truth of the facts alleged in the information or complaint, and such a plea of admission will not be used against the defendant in any subsequent civil or criminal proceedings. 

Not Guilty Plea

The plea of Not Guilty is a denial of legal guilt, and the case will be set for pre-trial on a later date.

Court Personnel

The Clerk of Court can be reached by phone at 330-533-5212 weekdays, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm excluding holidays. The office of the clerk is located in the Police Department, directly behind the municipal building. The Prosecuting Attorney for the court is Attorney Mark Fortunato. He can be reached at 330-757-7171. The clerk is responsible for all court documents and money paid to the Court for fines and costs. The clerk processes all warrants, summons, subpoenas, continuances and motions. The clerk also notifies the Bureau of Motor Vehicles of all convictions, points, and suspensions. 
Court personnel are not permitted to give legal advice or suggest individual legal services. 

Persons under the age of 18 are cited into Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center, 300 East Scott Street, Youngstown. They can be reached at 330-740-2278.