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City of Canfield

Canfield is a charter city. This means that it has adopted a model of home-rule government in accordance with the home-rule provisions found at Article XVIII of Ohio’s Constitution. The City of Canfield Charter was approved by the voters on December 5, 1968. The Canfield City Charter provides how the City of Canfield governs, operates, and provides services to our citizens.

The charter outlines the form of our municipal government. Its twelve sections-called Articles-describe the form of government (Council – Manager); the powers and duties of the City Council; the powers and duties of the Mayor; the organization of the administrative branch; the civil service; taxation and finance; qualifications for office and elections to office; and various general provisions, including the open meetings requirement and the charter review process.

With regard to the charter review process, every five years the City Council appoints a panel of citizens to review the Charter and make recommendations as to proposed changes to the Charter. Their recommendations are presented to the City Council, which then votes to place the recommendations on the ballot, at which time all city electors may cast a vote to approve or disapprove of the proposed amendments. The Charter Review Commission last met in 2018.