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Park, Recreation & Cemetery

The Park, Recreation and Cemetery Board which shall consist of six (6) members as hereinafter provided.  Two (2) members, neither of whom shall be members of Council, shall be appointed by the Manager and four (4) citizens of the Municipality, one (1) of whom may be a member of Council, shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Council. 

Members of the Park, Recreation and Cemetery Board shall be appointed for a term of five (5) years each and shall continue in office until their successor is appointed.  However, the term of a member of Council serving on the Board shall coincide with their term on Council unless removed by a majority vote of Council.   Members shall be appointed by a majority vote of Council for a term of three (3) years with a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms and shall continue in office until a successor is appointed.

The Park, Recreation and Cemetery Board shall make such recommendations and reports to the Manager, Council, Planning Commission and other officers, departments, divisions and boards and commissions as it deems advisable regarding the acquisition, development, maintenance, repair, and operation of parks, playgrounds, recreational and cemetery facilities and programs of the Municipality. The Board may cooperate with organized groups concerned with recreation programs and may stimulate citizen interest in the care and preservation of parks and historical and scenic sites. The Board shall exercise supervision and control over the planting and care of trees, plants and shrubs in the parks, parkways, recreation grounds, streets, boulevards, sidewalks and cemeteries of the Municipality.

Member NameDate of
Blaise Karlovic12/07/2022 12/31/2025
Troy Rhodes 12/02/2020 12/31/2023
Lex Calder12/02/202012/31/2023
Charles H. Tieche (Council member)12/07/202212/31/2025
Betty Aberson12/07/202212/31/2025
Kathryn Young12/07/202212/31/2025