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Canfield Comprehensive Plan

Canfield Comp Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?


In 2019, the City of Canfield initiated the process to envision the future of growth, development, and quality of life for the Canfield community. The Canfield Comprehensive Plan, rooted in community aspirations and implementable goals, provides an honest evaluation of present and future needs.

The Canfield Comprehensive Plan lays out a vision for the next ten to twenty years in Canfield. It is a snapshot in history of current community conditions and will serve as a roadmap to guide future decision-making related to community growth, development, and overall livability.

The planning process was a communitywide effort led by a steering committee of engaged leaders. Public input and stakeholder engagement was reviewed through the lens of research, analysis, and trends to ensure a
thorough and accurate representation of plan content.

The planning process brings together community experts to establish long-term, multi-faceted goals around several topics including:

  • Economic Development
  • Community Character
  • Historic Preservation
  • Corridor Planning
  • Quality of Life and Place

The Plan is asset-based and community-driven to ensure its success in addressing the specific strengths, opportunities, and challenges for Canfield. Upon its completion, the Plan will provide immediate action steps on policy, projects, and programs, and will ultimately serve as a road-map to help direct decision making in Canfield for years to come.

The community goals and subsequent recommendations derived from the planning process are described in detail throughout the plan and summarized in the following categories:

  • Land Use
  • The Village Green
  • Corridor Analysis
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Housing and Neighborhoods
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