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Design Review/Historical Preservation

The Design Review/Historical Preservation Review Committee is composed of five (5) members: one (1) member of Council, one (1) resident member of the local Historical Society, and three (3) members representing the public at large. The Term of the Council member coincides with their council term, the terms of the other members of the Committee are for three (3) years. Members can only serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms.

The Committee shall have the power and the duty to review and approve, disapprove, or approve with conditions, all applications to construct, erect, alter, remove, relocate or demolish any and all structures, buildings, or landmarks within the boundaries of the Design Review/Historical Preservation Review District as established and defined by Council.

The Committee shall protect and preserve the value, appearance and use of property on which buildings are constructed or altered, to maintain a high character of community development, to protect the public health, safety, convenience and welfare and to protect real estate within the Municipality from impairment or destruction of value.  Guidelines for the fulfillment of such duties shall be specified with respect to architectural values in architectural criteria as adopted, and as may be amended, by Council. 


Member NameDate of AppointmentTerm Expires
Anthony Nacarato (Councilmember)12/01/2112/31/2024
Christine Oliver12/04/1912/31/2023
Eric Axelson (Chairperson)12/07/2212/31/2025
Debra Roman (Exempt Member)12/07/2212/31/2025
Joseph Testa12/07/2212/31/2025

Meeting Agenda’s & Minutes