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Zoning FAQ’s

Some frequently asked questions.
When do I need a Zoning Permit?
Permits are required for but not limited to, the following types of work: new construction, reconstruction, additions, alterations, fences, siding (vinyl, aluminum, wood, etc.), window enlargements, decks, garages, carports, storage sheds, awnings, canopies, roofing work and swimming pools. Such certification or permit should not be issued unless the plans for the proposed structure of work fully comply with the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.
Where can I obtain a Zoning Application?
Fill out a Zoning Application that can be downloaded from our Web Page or in our Zoning Office at 104 Lisbon St. M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

How much does a Zoning Permit cost?

Zoning$5.00Per $1000 Plus $5 Filing Fee     
Sign$10.001st 20 Square Feet Plus 
$2 Each Additional Sq. Ft.        
Adjustments$100.00NON REFUNDABLE
Pools$5.00Per $1000 Plus $5 Filing Fee  Minimum $100.00

How long does it take to get a Zoning Permit?
Within seven days of filling out Zoning Application. If an Adjustment is needed there would need to be a Public Hearing. Applicants in the Historic or Design Review district would need the Committee’s approval prior to issuing a Permit. Design Review meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month in the City Hall Building at 104 S Broad St. at 6 PM.

History Map PDF Design Map PDF

What is a Public Hearing?1127.03 B Adjustments       
To authorize upon appeal, where because of physical circumstances, exceptional narrowness, shallowness, shape, topographic condition, extraordinary lot conditions, or other conditions peculiar to the property, building or structure in question, there is no possibility that the property can be developed in strict conformity with the provisions of this Ordinance and adjustment is therefore necessary to enable the reasonable use of the property, provided such minimum relief can be granted without substantial detriment to the public good and does not substantially impair the intent of this Ordinance, an adjustment may be considered under the following terms and conditions. A public hearing shall be ordered by the Board. Notice thereof shall be given by the secretary of the Board not less than twenty-five days prior to the date of the public hearing by publishing the notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the Municipality. Notice shall also be given within twenty days to the parties having proprietary interest in the land located within 200 feet of the property in question, as named in the application by such other means as the granting authority deems appropriate.  

What is needed for a Design Review meeting?

When the owner of a property within the Design Review/Historic District or owner of a listed property intends to construct, reconstruct, alter, relocate or demolish any portion of a structure within the District or of a listed property, he shall first apply for and secure an approval from the Committee.  The application for an approval shall be deposited with the City’s Zoning Inspector, together with such plans, specifications and other material as the Committee may from time to time prescribe.