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Electric Aggregation Program


City of Canfield Electric Aggregation Program

energy harbor

The electric aggregation program allows the City of Canfield and our residents to purchase electricity from an electric generation supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). As a City resident you are automatically enrolled in the program. If you are not currently enrolled in the program, and wish to enroll please contact Energy Harbor at 1-866-6363749.

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The local utility, Ohio Edison, will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter, and issue your monthly bill. You will continue to call Ohio Edison at 1-800-633-4766 for emergency repairs, downed power lines and billing questions.

The City of Canfield has selected Energy Harbor to provide the residents with an Electric Aggregation program provided by Ohio Edison. There is no cost for enrollment. As members of the program, residents are guaranteed exclusive pricing through May 2025.

Customer CategoryYour Electric UtilityFixed PriceCurrent Term End*Early Termination Fee
ResidentialOhio Edison4.97 cents per kWhMay 2024None
Small BusinessOhio Edison4.97 cents per kWhMay 2024None
*You will be presented with the opportunity to opt out at least every 3 years. At the end of your current term you will receive a new notice extending your exclusive pricing. You may choose to opt out, rejoin, or remain in the program.
What is governmental aggregation?

Governmental aggregation is an easy  and effective way for large groups of consumers to save money on their electric bill.
Ohio Laws allows for cities and counties to form aggregated buying groups to purchase electricity or natural gas on behalf of their citizens. By bringing citizens together, the city/county can negotiate a better price than a person can individually. The city/county chooses the electric or natural gas supplier for all of the customer-members in its group.

How do I sign up?

The aggregation program is an “opt-out”  program. This means you are automatically enrolled unless you choose not to be. This allows as many people as possible to take advantage of the program. This way residents do not miss out on saving because they did not receive notice of the program.
If you are not currently enrolled in the program, and wish to enroll please contact Energy Harbor at 1-866-636-3749

Can I opt out of the program at a later date?

You may cancel your service with Energy Harbor without penalty and switch to another provider or return back to AES pricing.

Who is Energy Harbor?

Energy Harbor is a fully integrated retail energy provider and independent power producer capable of generating sustainable carbon-free energy. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Energy Harbor proudly serves nearly one million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois and Michigan.

What does it mean to have a fixed price or variable price?

With a fixed price, the price you will receive each month does not change. With a variable price, because the actual price per kWh charged by the utility may change each month, your price per kWh will also vary.