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City of Canfield to do Smoke Testing of Sanitary Sewer System

Work Crews will be conducting smoke testing in certain areas of Canfield during the week of June 27th – July 1st. The testing will only occur for few hours of the day, and only occur on three (3) days within the designated timeframe.

Smoke testing will be performed at the Canfield Fairgrounds, and Hood and Fairview Drive.  Also, we will be smoke testing the Canfield High School Area in the Briarcliff Drive and Cardinal Drive neighborhoods.

What is smoke testing?
Smoke testing is a common test method used to identify sections of the sanitary sewer collection system that have defects such as cracks, leaks or faulty connections that allow rainwater to enter this underground pipe network. Since the sanitary sewer system is only designed to handle sewage, the addition of rainwater/storm water causes many problems in the collection system.

Notice/Letter to residents