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Leaf Pick Up Announcement

Every year, leaf pick-up presents many challenges.  Last year, the leaves fell at a staggering rate, while this year they seem to have fallen all at once.  No matter the rate they fall, the City of Canfield understands that effective and efficient leaf pick up is of SIGNIFICANT importance to our residents. I can assure you we are evaluating the current leaf pick-up system, and I will strongly recommend a new system in 2023. Currently, we have two trucks equipped with vacuums operated by two crews. The crews are regular street department employees that handle day-to-day public works operations. During leaf season, the only operation performed by the crews is leaf pick-up. If there is an emergency, such as a water break and/or burial, they have to stop leaf pick up and repair the water line or perform burial duties. Yesterday, one of our vacuums was damaged while sucking up debris other than leaves. Two softballs under the leaves caused one crew to lose the entire day. Please, only place leaves in the piles!

While assuring our community that I will do everything possible to add supplemental leaf pickup for next year and beyond, I ask that everyone please remain patient while we collect this year’s leaves. City of Canfield leaf crews will be out this weekend to pick up as many leaves as possible. Crews will continue to work every day until all piles are gone.


Chuck Colucci

Interim City Manager