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The City of Canfield is divided into 3 sections: 

  1. Northwest quadrant (all consumers west of North Broad St to Palmyra Rd, north to Herbert Rd and on the north side of West Main Street).
  2. South quadrant (all consumers east of South Broad St to Fairground Blvd, west of South Broad St to Palmyra Rd on the south side of East and West Main St); and the 
  3. Northeast quadrant (east of North Broad St to Talsman Dr, locations north of Herbert Road and the north side of East Main St).

Billing Timetable – One section of the city is read while another section of the city is billed.  Following is the schedule of dates and sections for billing, due dates, and termination dates:

JanuaryNorthwestFeb 15Feb 28
FebruarySouthMarch 15March 30
MarchNortheastApril 15April 30
AprilNorthwestMay 15May 30
MaySouthJune 15June 30
JuneNortheastJuly 15July 30
JulyNorthwestAugust 15August 30
AugustSouthSept 15Sept 30
SeptemberNortheastOctober 15October 30
OctoberNorthwestNov 15Nov 30
NovemberSouthDec 15Dec 30
DecemberNortheastJanuary 15January 30

Remote Readers – Some meters are equipped with a remote reader that is connected by a wire to the actual meter inside the building and reads the inside meter reading in a rounded-off version.  If this reader is working properly in conjunction with the actual meter, the meter reader is able to rely on this reading 3 out of the 4 times/year.  It is necessary, by law, for the billing department to have the actual meter’s reading once a year.  This is to confirm whether or not the remote reader is working.

Wiring not contained in a conduit or stapled or exposed to the outdoors unprotected is subject to interruption in current, causing a false reading. 

Manual Meter Reading – The Meter Reader walks through each area of the City in an effort to gain access to homes and businesses to record meter readings and inspect meters.  Actual access to meters for inspection is required at least once a year by law.

When the resident is not home or the business is not open, an orange door-hanger card is left.  (see below)

Utility Billing

Customers have 3 options for submitting their meter reading the the City

  1. Fill out the card and drop in the mail (postage paid)
  2. E-Email the reading to
  3. Call (330) 533-1101 to report the reading to the City Office.

Failure to provide the City of Canfield with a meter reading will result in an estimated bill.

Pets – Our meter reader carries dog biscuits as a treat to your companions.  If excitable or aggressive pets are not fenced or leashed and/or if an electric fence encloses areas of the yard that include the remote reader, it is impossible for the meter reader to get to the remote reader.  Please be aware of all your public utility meter locations when setting up fences with gates that lock or electrified fences.

Obstructed Meter & Remote Reader – The water meter located inside your home should be fully accessible at all times.  Remodeling that causes obstructions to fully accessing the water meter is prohibited.

Bushes, shrubs, trees and other foliage that have matured over the years around the outside remote reader should be inspected each spring and fall and trimmed to enable the meter reader to read the remote.  Before replacing siding or remodeling the outside of the home/office, contact Public Works to protect the Remote Reader.