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Mission Statement

The City of Canfield is dedicated to providing exceptional municipal services in order to enhance the quality of life for all citizens.”


Founded in 1798 Canfield, a 16,324 acre tract was located on the southeastern border of the Connecticut Western Reserve Territory. It was purchased by six gentlemen; most of the land was owned by Judson Canfield.

Originally known as Campfield, the name was changed on April 15, 1800 to Canfield, in honor of Judson Canfield.

By 1805, Canfield had approximately 17 homes, a store and a school; it became a trade center for the region.

As the geographic center of Mahoning County, Canfield was named the county seat in 1846, however in 1875 the Ohio Supreme Court moved the county seat to Youngstown….

City Services

Canfield is a full service City offering residents an array of services through a variety of Departments:

Administration:  Overall management of the City, code compliance & zoning permits, recording of meeting minutes and publication of agendas, general administration of City of Canfield services.

Finance: Oversee all financial activities of the City including budgeting, accounts payable, payroll, insurance administration, audit compliance, accounting and financial reporting.

Income Tax: Administration and collection of City of Canfield income tax. Maintenance of tax filing records, ensure compliance with applicable state laws, and safeguard taxpayer reporting and return information.

Information Technology (IT):  Manage, support and coordinate the information needs of all City of Canfield departments through the cost-effective use of technology. City of Canfield IT department also greatly assists the Police Department with investigations and information sharing.

Utility Billing: Responsible for meter reading, billing, collections and customer service for water, sewer and storm water.

Police Department: Crime prevention and law enforcement within the City of Canfield by actively developing partnerships with the community to protect life and property, solve community problems, reduce the fear of crime and enhance the quality of life within our city through the provision of prompt, professional, courteous and exceptional public service.

Public Works: Operation and maintenance of City of Canfield water, sanitary sewer, and storm water systems. Maintenance of City of Canfield parks, cemeteries, and Village Green. Operational repair and maintenance of City streets, public works vehicles, all City buildings. Ice/snow control, leaf pickup, right-of-way maintenance including street lights and signs.

Zoning: Responsible for the promotion of health, safety and general welfare of the residents of Canfield, to encourage sound and orderly growth and to protect existing development through conservation of property values.

Community Partnerships


The Canfield Fair

The first Canfield Fair was held on October 5, 1847 as a one day event with livestock tethered along Broad Street, produce displayed and meetings held in the Congregational Church. One hundred fifty dollars was earmarked for prizes. The sponsoring Mahoning County Agricultural Society made a profit from the fair of Three Hundred and Eight Dollars. In 1851, the fair moved to its present location on State Route 46. A fence was built around the property so admission could be charged. The first Junior Fair for boys and girls was held in 1853. By 1855, the number of exhibits and the number of attendants had grown so large that the fair was extended to three days. The fairgrounds were expanded in 1867. Its first superintendent was Mr. J.W. Canfield, Grandson of the City’s Founder . The fair opened a new Main Hall (now the Floral and Fine Arts Building) in 1896 to commemorate its Golden Jubilee. The fairgrounds were first illuminated for night attendance in 1924. The fair is a popular attraction today, drawing hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country.