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Mahoning County EMA Storm Damage Assessment UPDATE

Ohio EMA has requested an SBA damage assessment be conducted; the assessment will take place tomorrow (Thursday).  Mahoning County EMA will escort the representative from the SBA along with a representative from OEMA to the hardest hit areas.  SBA needs to assess the areas with the major and destroyed damage.  Once we have assessed 25 structures that sustained major or destroyed damage we will conclude the assessment.  The next step will be for the Governor to request an SBA disaster declaration (OEMA will coordinate this).

If we receive the SBA disaster declaration, anyone in Mahoning County (and all contiguous counties) that sustained damaged from this storm will be eligible to apply for low interests loans to assist with recovery. It will be up to individuals to apply for the assistance. Mahoning County EMA will work with the SBA to gather this information and we will make it available to the public at the appropriate time if a SBA disaster declaration is declared.